Blogging as distraction

So I’m in class right now, beyond bored, and blogging to you all as a means of distraction. Don’t be hurt by that, it’s just a survival strategy!

Today was a bit of a wierd day. My weekend class began tonight at 5 so I made a switch at work to work a 1/2 shift 10a-2p. I woke up at 7ish and did some yoga which felt amaaazing. I often put my yoga practice on the back burner in favor of more intense cardio activities, but it’s really so beneficial for my mind and body (as any holistic counseling grad student should know)! After the yoga I got myself ready for work rather quickly so I had time to make my oats and pack some snacks for work and for class tonight.

My body was really off today and I didn’t know quite why but I soon figured it out. I had an upset stomach and a headache…key signs that my stress about the impending weekend was really getting to me. It’s funny how our bodies have to show us sometimes the stress we’re dealing with in our minds. By the time my shift was over and I headed home to get ready for class my head was pounding. Rather than treat it will the usual Excederin or Ibuprofen, I turned to some alternate treatment methods. I began to slow my breathing and take my time getting ready. I made sure I left myself plenty of time so that I did not feel stressed or rushed. I also turned to a friend, the only who does Reiki, to give me some positive energy and a little emotional support.

The best treatment, however, was when my phone rang on the way to school. I know, no cell phones while driving, but it actually was really beneficial for me. By talking to a close friend and listening to a problem she was going through and giving her advice, my mind wandered from my own woes and I was able to get out of my own head/stress/pain and in a place of helping another. Had I drove to class in the company of my own mind/body, I would have been so much worse at the end of the trip. When I arrived in Cambridge, a good 30 minutes before the start of class, I was fairly stress-free and much more positive about the road ahead.

I am definitely fading a bit now, we’re approaching my bed time about an hour, but I have a better perspective now and I know that I can take it.

So thanks for letting me be distracted for a little bit longer. And if anyone has any suggestions for easy/healthy snacks for long days in class, please post me a comment!! I need some new ideas for the next two days 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the outdoors for me!


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